“This is definaltly gonna be one of the best things that has ever happened to fashion lovers in Nigeria!!!! They lunch in 5 days time (OMG..I CANT WAIT!!) and guess what???!! FREE DELIVERY EVERYWHERE IN NIGERIA AND THEY ALLOW RETURNS TOO!!! How cool is that!!”


Sabunta is an online fashion superstore that offers shoes, clothing and accessories in Nigeria with free delivery. The website  is launching in less than 6 days with great deals and the largest online selection of today’s top fashion, including your favourite international brands.

Sabunta is made up of an international, diverse & young team building a great company from the ground up – along with local expertise. The parent company Rocket Internet (who have invested in major e-commerce websites like Groupon, Zando and where early investors in Facebook) have invested in Sabunta to making it become Nigeria’s biggest fashion e-commerce website launching with over 100 global brands in less than 6 days time.

The team includes two friends that met each other in East Africa last year working on privately-led development inititatives – Anthony Vita, VP Operations, who worked with TechnoServe in Uganda and prior in Finance in New York; and Leonard Stiegeler, Co-Founder and Managing Director, who has started his own charity at the London School of Economics (

Leo Stiegeler as Co-founder and Managing Director of Sabunta, heads the major developments of the new Rocket Internet venture from Lagos, Nigeria. He brings a wealth of experience from previously engaging roles where Leo was a Cooperation Partner at the Boston Consulting Group and attended The London School of Economics. His most recent role was as Business Development Manager at Zando (Sabunta’s sister company, located in Cape Town South Africa) where Steigeler expanded the market share of the e-commerce website to become the biggest online fashion site in South Africa.

Anthony Vita, a Princeton University graduate, is Sabunta’s Vice President of Operations where he’ll perform his role from its base in Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to Rocket Internet, Vita spent two years as an Investment Banking Analyst at an Investment Bank in New York, NY and three years as an associate at Apelles, a Private Equity, in New York City as well. He most recently served as VP Operations for Zando in Cape Town since January 2012 before joining Sabunta.


Twitter: @sabuntaonline

 Facebook: SABUNTA



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