DIY: Glitter Brogues

 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

My loves!!! how have you been!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

It’s been sooo long I’ve done a DIY…i haven’t really had the time..but this weekend I just had to make out time for this…..

I obtained these brogues from my friend Karen Ubani ( she’s a designer, check her blog here)…she said it wasn’t her style so she sent them to me-thanks again sweerie!!

When I saw them just knew i had to do some ghen-ghen tins on it…

BTW You don’t even know what happened to me after taking the step by step pics of the tutorial…The picture miraculously DISAPPEARED! *sigh* I was too burnt mehn (let’s say a tear or two fell from my eyes 😦 ) those pics were just too mahd! All my plans of coming to flaunt my photography skills were dashed into cyberspace ..but God has a reason for everything ( I still don’t know the reason till now o) but I’m thankful my friend Biola even leant me her camera 😀

I was able to put together some pictures…only that the shoe sef had dried

What I used

Mod podge glue (Hobby lobby)

Blue Glitter (Hobby lobby)

Cello tape



Old Container


Step 1

Cover the surrounding area of the part you want to cover with glitter with cellotape

Step 2

Mix the glue and a lil bit of glitter in the container…I could only find my shoe puff cover *desperate times* lool …then put the’ glitternglue’ mix on your desired area

Step 3 *the best part*

Pour the glitter on the ‘gliiternglue’ mix…let the excess pour on the paper below

Step 4

Pour the excess back into the glitter container (I’m Ijebu! I don’t waste stuff!) 😀

I put hair spray on it afterwards  …so the glitter has more staying power

Voila…..The finished product (I let it dry for a day)

I still wish i could find the pics I took while I’z doing this *sobs* but I will do another glitter tutorial soon..that one is going 2 be too mahd!

Check my previous glitter heels tutorial here

Have a Fantaboulous day

Sayedero Enytan



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