Designer Crush: Josh Samuels

HEY LOVELIES!! So if you were at the Lagos fashion week you’d have heard about the designer i’m about to talk about…JOSH SAMUELS

He’s the winner of the Young designer of the year  award at the Lagos fashion week where he won 4million…yes you heard right F-O-U-R   M-I-L-L-I-O-N NAIRA!!!  Whoo-whoo!!  Why I’m i so excited you ask?? hehe!! hes my friend Bisola’s boyfriend!!! come to think of it I know her mom and she knows mine too..that makes us family friends right? haha!! Im such a famzer!! loool

This is their Spring/Summer  2013 Collection in which i am well’s so sad it’s for guys alone 😦 …but I’m still getting that bolo tie! …I love the plaid prints and the mix of colors’ is just beyond amazing!

The C.E.O Joshua Udiminue


Facebook : Josh Samuels  Clothing Company


Twitter @Joshsamuels_

Have a Fantaboulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



3 thoughts on “Designer Crush: Josh Samuels

  1. Interesting use of patterns and prints. Creativity aside, I would love to know how designers back home stay afloat financially with their designs. I would like to know the business team behind them, who plans their strategy, which countries they plan to infiltrate/how and if they want to work with international fashion weeks, how their production runs etc.
    Having done some freelance work for for a while, one of the biggest problems was being able to have enough products to actually sell to customers…

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