Designer Crush: Hesey Designs

Hey people!! its been so long….so many things happenin’ in my life mehn but Jehovah is in control!!  …*sigh*

So I want to  share with you this amazing ankara bags by Hesey designs….I believe what makes them stand out is the shape and rare designs

Hesey Designs is  a women’s apparel and accessories line with pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke gowns and T-shirts. They  also create handmade fashion accessories like shoes, slippers, journals, bags, purses and jewelries all inspired by the African culture

My Favorite!!!


Phone number:08169357756

BB pin: 29481CFA
P.s She’ll be available at the covenant university trade fair
Have a Fantaboulous Day (and pray for my
Sayedero Enytan

5 thoughts on “Designer Crush: Hesey Designs

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  3. Wow, lovely collection. How is Hersey designs covering cost if they re selling bags at 3000 – N4000. Can they pls explain. Abi does is it mass produce in China? Am a designer and I will like to know. I payable 8 staff and have over heads…

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