DIY: Sleeveless Blazer

*sneaks in* HEYYYYYYY!!!!! I know I know SMH for me!!! IM SOOOO SORRY!!!  I’ve really missed you guys sha….plenty things have been going on in my life ( Gist for later)

So I just want to do a quick post on my DIY sleeveless blazer. I’m not so sure if this is a trend but i love sleeveless blazers! and since I had this Zara blazer -I actually chose this because I see it everywhere so I wanted to make mine more unique

I just loosened the stitches (i had to cut the lining inside tho’..and gave it to a tailor to hem.

I’m thinking of attaching the sleeves to something else later on….


thankful not a fool1

I wore the blazer in this post..Click Here

After 😀

sleevless blazer

See you in my next post 😀

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



6 thoughts on “DIY: Sleeveless Blazer

  1. I love ur blog! Heard abt it frm a friend and u’ve done a gud job…I like the bible verses at d beginnings of ur posts too,doubt if I’ve seen that anywhre else!

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