DIY: Magazine Nails

Hey Lovelies!! how’s your Sunday going?  Have all the fun you can today, tomorrow’s  Monday  hehehe! *evil laff*

I’m not a nails person at all! My natural nails are beautiful but they crack, bend and break a lot! I even have a particular nail that doesn’t grow at all! and even when I decide fix my nails..Its either the glue isn’t strong enough so I loose it during my day to day activities or end up with half nails when I take it off!! I’m trying to put  some effort into growing nice healthy nails (Ill share some tips later on)

So I was bored yesterday and I decided to some nail art with magazines

It’s not perfect but it should come out way better if your patient 🙂

You will need

White nail polish

Transparent nail polish

A Magazine

Cotton Wool

Water/ Rubbing alcohol

Step 1:Paint your nail with white nail polish

magazine nails
Step 2:Place the design you want on the nail you just painted

magazine nails (2)

magazine nails (4)

Step 3:Wet your cotton wool with water and press hard on the magazine for about 10seconds

magazine nails (3)

Step 4:Remove gently and apply the transparent polish

magazine nails (5)

I tried na …loool

P.s I hope you like the new changes I’ve made on here…Many more to come….

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



9 thoughts on “DIY: Magazine Nails

  1. Hi,i like the concept…
    Is it possible to use another colour of polish? I think it might look better.
    I miss the scriptures you always start your post with,twas one of the reasons i noticed you.

  2. For longer wear. You can use regular newspaper or magazine. Cut and stick to artificial stick on nails with Nail glue or superglue. File off excess paper. Apply acrylic powder and liquid. File and add topcoat.

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