Eyebrow Tutorial (Part one) Video

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you- SONG OF SOLOMON 4:7

 Finally Ive done a video!!! Ill be showing you how I do my brows with an eye pencil.The second method where I use an eye shadow is coming up next.

The video is quite fast…I ddnt want it to exceed 3 minutes but i hope you guys understand.

Product Used

Air woman Eye pencil (no 18)

Revlon Eyebrow Gel (konga.com)

Coastal Scents Concealer  (an alternative is Mac Nc42 buy here)

Elf Brow Kit

P.S: Use a concealer that two shades lighter than you skin color

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



4 thoughts on “Eyebrow Tutorial (Part one) Video

  1. Nice one dero learnt something new and it came just when i needed it, can you make more videos like this on how to do the different makeup looks from office ie morning look to club look that is night look, step by step like this really enjoyed your video. I have a few questions and suggestions the part where you don’t talk can you write captions of what you are doing and have them move slowly. what color of eyeshadow did you use for the eye brow? the concealer you used for below the brow is same you use above the brow? Thank you

  2. The video ain’t playing on my phone, maybe a phone size video link can be pasted up or a download able link. Love you loads#no homo

  3. Wow!dats skills u’v got dere o,lol…quick question thou, do I av to use a brow kit to look like dat or I cld jst use my pencil n I can achieve dis look?!tanx for sharing

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