Dress Up: Skittles

Call forth those things which be not as though they were. Rom. 4:17b

 How you doing!! *in Wendy Williams voice* …It’s been a while (I’ve been having exams) just finished a paper sef…

So I thought of this combination sometime ago and it was sooo nice I’m my head i just couldn’t wait to rock it…then when I eventually wore it …It came out even better!! *whoop*

I love colors!!!you need to see my room ,its painted with 5 different colors you might mistake it for a nursery school classroom. Lool

Color blocking has always been one of my favorite trends before it became abused popular…lool

1 2 3Blazer: Zara // Shirt: Foxcroft // Pants: Karen Ubani Collection // Necklace: Forever 21 // Bag and Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
6 5

IMG044 IMG_5050

P.S I feel like there’s someone that needs to be reminded to have faith in God…don’t feel  defeated …only God has the final say over that situation. SPEAK  to that situation, start to thank God for that thing you’ve been asking for like He has giving you already..You’ll be surprised in Jesus Name 😀

P.P.S By feeling I actually meant the Holy Spirit is telling me….lool..I’m  still getting used to it 😀

P.P.P.S I have actually gained a lot of weight!!! Some clothes don’t fit anymore 😦  ….and I now have a fat face..lool

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



28 thoughts on “Dress Up: Skittles

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    Sayedero enytan is from Nigeria, an engineering student, image consultant, social entrepreneur and creator of the blog thefashionengineer.com where she features her creative side of fashion, style and makeup. Find her on The Fashion Engineer on Facebook and follow her on twitter @sayederoenytan

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  3. Came across your blog today and I fell head-over-heels in love with what you do. It’s sooooo refreshing to see a young vibrant woman who loves the lord and isn’t afraid to share it. May the lord keep you strong always. I celebrate you ma

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