Dress Up: Last Sunday

 But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day- PROVERBS 4:18

MY LOVES!!! so you remember my first Sunday post (Click here so check it out) ? Well the semester is OVER!!one more to go! whoop!!

This semester was the most eventful semester I’ve ever had in this school…I GOT EXPELLED!! a lot of people don’t still know …and the ones that know still find it hard to believe coz I was still my same hyper self..lool….they called us back sha..THANKGOD!! (btw it was becoz I didn’t attend a meeting in school not that I was caught with a boy or drugs…don’t start thinking far! lool)

So as you can see I have tooooo much to be thankful for…God has been really good to me 😀

Sunday was thanksgiving service and we were expected to wear traditional sturvz….but I’m kinda lacking in that area for now…so I went vintage!

I got this top from Toseki Vintage like last year and it’s my first time wearing it coz I had fitting issues with it…It’s still not perfect sha but it’s not that obvious…and it was N2,000

The skirt I got from lady going around in my hall, the prints on it are just a work of art! …It was N900

The fascinator, I got it from my aunty when she was sorting out her old clothes. I pray I keep it well so I can pass it down to my daughter too 😀

top nigerian fashion bloggers 2

I love this belt! and NO I wont leave it alone..hehe ..btw I found a place you can get it here in Nigeria VERCHE L’ART CESSOIRE…they are based in Abuja but they deliver too
3 aldo snakeskin bag 8
5 toseki vintage aldo plate belt


So im gonna do a lil’ street style post..so you could see what other people wore,plent oleku ideas…(watch out for the next post 😀 ) 2Ally and I 

P.s Sorry I kept giving the same poses…Bisola (the photographer) and I were super hungry!!! lool

P.P.S If you wanted the lacewig (similar to the one Ally has on..its now available…hurry tho’…my friends have almost finished them


12 thoughts on “Dress Up: Last Sunday

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  2. Nice post. So proud of u that i have to Reblogg most of them since you’re my style consultant( 🙂 in my head!). tank God there’s no stress in doing that.

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