Glass Purses…YAY OR NAY?

Hiya!! Happy Sunday!!

The same people that made the magazine bags (Check it out HERE) have come again with another unique product! This one I absolutely love!!! I think its really classy …especially the clear and gold one!

Acrylic CLutch 1-1

Acrylic CLutch 1-2



glass purses

65248_592329717447039_534262145_nSo tell me what you think ..would you buy? It retails for N10,000 btw



Facebook Page: Verche l’art cessoire

Twitter  @vercheonline

BB PIN: 2A747171

Have A  Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



9 thoughts on “Glass Purses…YAY OR NAY?

  1. Its totally a yay!!! except they are heavy or break/ crack easily which i doubt otherwise they are totally cute (Y)……. i especially like the fact that you got nuffin to hide in them 😀

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