TFE Work: Culture Shock

Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”- John 5:8

HIYA!!!! So I told you guys I styled my friend Olayemi some weeks ago…I’m really excited about showing you guys…I did the makeup, styling, hair and took the pictures (I can do all things!! lool)


IMG_7131 IMG_7059 IMG_7070 IMG_7073 IMG_7143 IMG_7080 IMG_7161 IMG_7072 IMG_7047Please tell me what you think…I really want to hear ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



31 thoughts on “TFE Work: Culture Shock

  1. Only those who got a third, sorry fourth eye for style will see the beauty of this combination of pretty prints and checkers. I love the styling… Nerdy and chic, fun and cute.
    Check out my own mixing and matching look here –

    *Now off to plan and rock my next creative mixing and matching. Maybe I will go for leopard or bold floral prints this time.


  2. OMO everything was on piziont, I no be a fashionista but i know 1+1 is 2 when i see it, and dis combination oh babt gon. my favorite was the eye shadow,shirt,and cap cause i must toe add my 9ja swag to everything. keep it up gal

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