Dress Up: Monochrome,Plaid and Paisley

God is the creator of all but He is not the father of all,fatherhood is established at new birth- Pastor VictorIMG_8635

I still havnt dropped my mixing print habit..hehe

Location: Ota,Usa ..looool
IMG_8645 IMG_8629 IMG_8654 In other news….there was trade fair in school this week,kinda dry sha-I ddnt even buy anythingIMG_8680 This game truck seemed to be the only place people where gathered..nice business idea!!IMG_8683 IMG_8677 Hesey was present too 😀IMG_8679The only thing that excited me were these neon single strap shoes…Ill put up the number of the seller later


 Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



11 thoughts on “Dress Up: Monochrome,Plaid and Paisley

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