New Finds: Cette Online

Hey guys!! so someone asked me to check out Cette online store some time ago…they have cool stuff…I really like their shoes!

Their aim is to bridge the gap between Nigerians and their favorite international stores, by providing a range of items from various brands on the website. The clothes are current and affordable; and cette operates a prompt delivery service.

I also like that they stock recent pieces from the brands they sell…not everyone wants something that’s from 5 seasons ago..lool


I’m seriously thinking of ordering these shoes for my ’em!20193155-large 267-large


Btw they offer free delivery when you order a certain amount.

VISIT THEIR SITE: CETTE ONLINE (click link to open)




Telephone: 08091461522, 08138148615

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



7 thoughts on “New Finds: Cette Online

  1. Smh were wer this sites during my own convo no fair … but do they have office stuff ….btw wat u gono do about ur hair for convo #justsaying

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