Lagos Makeup Fair Haul

Hiya!! Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry its been long 😦 …Ill explain later

So this is a little review on the things I asked Kunmi of to get for me at the last Lagos makeup fair..shout out to her :D.

lagos makeup fair (2)

What i got…….

Nattra beauty face primer

lagos makeup fair (3)
A facial primer is meant to make your skin smooth,make you pores appear smaller and make you makeup last all day…..

I love this product,all the lines that appear on my face 5 min after applying makeup weren’t visible again!!!

And it’s just N1,2000


Mac prolong wear foundation

lagos makeup fair (4)
I’m very choosy when it comes to foundations …..I only use MAC coz I believe it’s the only product that’ll stay on my face ….other products tend to look messy after a while..Its amazing..good coverage but it dries up fast so you need to be fast with blending.

Price: N6,500


Nattra beauty precision eyeliner

lagos makeup fair (9)
At first I was skeptical about the felt tip coz ive never used it before BUT I love’s actually very precise and it lasts all day!!!! I need to get more of these Nattra Beaty products coz I love the ones I have


Beauty blender

lagos makeup fair (5)
The last one I bought last got stolen so I had to get another …..I used to use it for my foundation before a discovered the elf studio powder brush so now I use it to apply my Ben nye powder for highlighting

Sleek Lip gloss

lagos makeup fairlagos makeup fair (6)
I ran out of lip glosses so I had to get these ….nothing special..the colors are very similar

Prestige eyebrow pencil

lagos makeup fair (7) lagos makeup fair (8)
Okay a Iil background story
I asked kunmi to get me lipsticks and she’s like she had just gotten this eyebrow pencil from taries world or sumthing so she wanted to return it immediately but they said they had written it down already so they cant …I’m like really??? It’s not even up to 5 min…and err there’s this old invention called Tip-ex? I just guessed it was one of those products no one buys and they you have to force it down your throat!
It costs N1000 and its the rolling type,it kept breaking…overall it’s actually not that eyepencil Ive ever used (only coz I use the N100 ones..lool)  I wish I got 2 Tara pencils tho’ coz it lasted only two weeks

Ben nye powder

lagos makeup fair1
The best product I bought,I use it for highlighting and it stays all day!

N2,800 from Giftys daughter


Have a fantabulous day
Sayedero Enytan

P.s. Ive been postponing my tutorial on how i do my contouring and highlighting …if you’ll like to see it..just leave a comment:D


13 thoughts on “Lagos Makeup Fair Haul

  1. Hi Dero! Does the Nattra beauty face primer help with oil control? or can you pls recommend one? Thanks:)
    [ pls do a tutorial on your make-up routine ;;) ]

  2. Congrats on ur convo .. I came for my bros tot I wud see u but cu sha any way may God not let ur certificate go to waste your time has come and u will be a success story fot all to see amen ….. lol I feel old hahahah

  3. Oh yes! I would love to see a “step by step highlighting tutorial for dummies” I have sooo much to learn in this department. Gracias!!!
    P.S I’m probably speaking for the rest of the world. This tutorial is important cos the ocean will shine and the sun will flood the earth and… trust me! U dnt want to know the rest!
    (I’m not crazy I promise) 🙂

  4. Nice review. D tutorial would be very helpful.hope Ў☺ΰ’ll state products used?loll @100 naira one, U so humble.

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  7. Wanna ask if natta facial primer is better than smashbox facial primer and also that if I get mac prolong wear foundation wud it be beta to use it wif primer or just use the foundation alone

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