Gidilicious: Johnny Rockets Burger

Hey you guys!!! so I asked people on twitter who made the best burgers in Lagos and a majority of them said Johnny rockets…first time I was hearing about them so I checked Hellofoods for their menu. You could order through hello foods but what I do is check which restaurants deliver and I call them myself ..when hunger strikes  no time! x_x

I got this very 30 minutes after i ordered but that was the only good thing about it…it was so mushy and it didn’t taste so good…KFC’s zinger burger is waaaaaay better!

johnny rockets nigeria

johnny rockets nigeria (2)

johnny rockets nigeria (4)

johnny rockets nigeria (5)
I ordered the #12 burger for N2,300 (free delivery)

Check out their menu here

P.S Guess who has been a good girl? meeee!! I blog regularly now..hehehe

P.P.S Would start the contour tutorial I promised once I get rid of the boil on my lower lids…loool

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



10 thoughts on “Gidilicious: Johnny Rockets Burger

  1. It’s great that you’ve been blogging more frequently. Good girl. I’ve been popping in. Did you enjoy that burger? You must have been starving, doesn’t look that great. About the boil………. I had to laugh, you’re so funny thats what I call ‘too much info’. Lol

  2. Yayy! Good girl! lol
    Awww.. And it looks good. Shame. I haven’t had a burger since I got back. Anywhere/one do burgers like McDonald’s??
    PS I will be giving that KFC zinger burger a try 🙂 xx
    PPS You are my person, I think you like food almost as much as I do lol xxx

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  4. Ouch! That must be a stye. Sorry I did not see this post early enough. A hot compress 2-7 times a day will help you get rid of it in case it returns. My make up did that to me a few weeks ago. Pele

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