What I Got From The Zara Sales

 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter- Proverbs 25:2

Hey luvies!!! Remember the post I did on major stores on sale?? Well I went to the zara store at silverbird galleria yesterday!

They have this big section where all the sturvz are 3k….Yes you heard me right THREE THOUSAND NAIRA!!!
You can find the dopest Blazers,Pants,denim,dresses and skirts there!!
I got 4 blazers and 2 pants at first…. then my friend wanted me to help her pick up some sturvz and I got another blazer with a neon sweater for myself THEN I watched a movie and went back to pick the high waist wide leg denim.ALL IN ONE DAY!!

My favourite piece will have to be this white sequined blazer…its large buh I shall make it work! 😀

I saw this brown jumpsuit too -I couldn’t get it but I SOOO WANT IT!!! 😦 (not on sale tho’)

Oh yeah the guys are definately not left out….I got the red distressed denim for my brother (borrowed already X_X) hehe!

Other cool stuff I saw…..

P.s When you refer 10 people to follow them on twitter (@zaraoutlet) ,you get 15%!!! Could it get any better??!!!! N ask for toyin when you get there-she was rillie helpful

Zara Outlet,1st floor Silverbird Galleria,VI

Have a Fantaboulous Day
Sayedero Enytan