Dress Up: Only a great fool is not thankful

I’m thankful for so many things my life, my family, people around me, my blog and of recent I started thanking God for my salvation-something I’ve over looking for long…coz if not for Him!! Hmmmmm!!!  I seriously doubt that I’ll be here right now

Since I’m on a thankful mode, I decided to put together things I have gotten as gifts at some point in time

I can pose for africa sha…loool

Blazer: Gift from Zara Outlet

Waistcoat: Gift from my friend Pelumi

Pants: Gift from Zara Outlet

Bag: Avon by @AmakaO_ (She gave me a discount so that’s a lil’ gift in its own way) loool

Shoes: Sayedero’s Atelier (only size 8 left)- SOLD OUT