And the winner is….

Sorry I couldn’t post who the winner was yesterday…..(technical problems) 😦
I know some people taught this giveaway was a scam..but I’m a WOMAN OF MY WORD!! ***adjusting collar***…looool
So at first I tried using eni-mini-mani-mo to select a winner but I find that its best for if you want to eliminate someone, not select….so I just choose the person with a comment that stood out
So,the drunk archer said
“just here for her shirt, nothing else….loool!!!”
Very honest comment don’t you think?…so I believe she deserves the shirt. Loool
I have emailed the drunk archer to inform her
N I love her blog too…

S/O to all those that dropped their email addresses…people like osho free tinz ooooo**smh**
BERRER LUCK NEST TYM!!! ***in my Yoruba accent** 😀